About Us

Datis Khodro Iranian Ltd., is the best companion to help you to find your dream car.

Datis Khodro Company was established in 2013 and relying on 12 years’ experiences of its managers to import and sales of luxury cars, it Intends to create a new point of view for the customers. 

Actually we are the professional group who help you to find your favorite car.

The registration No. of Datis Khodro is 441332 and also its national ID is 14003557890, and according those, the main activity of the company is import and sales the stylish cars; Meanwhile our company according to the specified and accurate guidance in the field of car sales, could be one of the prominent car sales centers in the whole country in the short time. Providing the consultancy services to obtain the best choice in addition to timely fulfillment obligations let the Datis khodro to find the significant place in the competitive vehicle market. Also providing the extensive after sales services beside of importing the cars and the spares parts directly form the manufacturers, gives you the confidence to satisfy your choice.  Finally, we glad to inform you that we will accompany you in all stages of your purchase. 

CEO Statement 

In order to guide you to meet the best choice, we have been applied the dignity, commitment and expertise and our group have come together to present the new customer-oriented methods.  In the big family of Datis Khodro, we have made it possible to choose your dream car in the new point of view and also feel the new experience of purchasing. Our differences with the others are in on time functionality beside of commitment and honesty, and accordance that, the Datis Khodro is one of the most innovative companies in Iran vehicle market. Sales is not the end of your journey in Datis Khodro; with powerful after sales services team, we will be with you till the end of the path. Datis khodro accordiance to the highly qualified experts will use all its power to develop and progress the customer-oriented approach; the customers who make us try to do better every day.