DATIS KHODRO at one glance

DATIS KHODRO company started his activity from 2013 in order to presents different services to customers and owners of luxury cars. Distinguished service such as on time delivering, after sales services after purchasing and repairing, has opened new point of to customers. Now, DATIS KHODRO is one of the official sources of the car delivery services in Iran with use of qualified experts. Now, DATIS KHODRO passes its 4 years’ presence in the market and has spread its different sectors in the country and has turned into an effective pole in the field of automobile and after-sale services according to the Iran`s standards. This brings the customer only the enjoy of the driving and be free of purchasing stresses. Establishment and spreading the extensive after-sale services in Tehran along with main cities in the country and inauguration of the first professional center of hybrid workshop are the progressive points of DATIS KHODRO during these years. Inaugurating official offices in Germany and Armenia, brings DATIS KHODRO long-term programs in order to reach bright future international market.



Close relation between DATIS KHODRO and customers and meet their needs, is one of the developing programs of the company. In the first step, central workshop of DATIS KHODRO is inaugurated in the east of Tehran. Actually the first branch of DATIS KHODRO`s showroom is inaugurated in Farjam street of Tehran in a ground with 1000sq area containing modern autos of the world. In the current year and beginning of 2018, Tehran west branch of DATIS KHODRO`s showroom and other branches in other cities will be open. In other steps, DATIS KHODRO` branches enhanced with professional and elite experts, will start servicing to customers in whole part of Iran.


DATIS KHODRO`s Professional Workshop

Loss of standard and suitable after-sale services in Iran, have always been of the most important concerns of automobile owners. DATIS KHODRO has intended to achieve customer`s satisfaction and other owners of imported automobiles with the help of extensive after-sale services. So in this way, DATIS KHODRO has established a new modern and first hybrid workshop center in order to arrange the repair needs of luxury and imported car. Different types of repairs are presented in this professional modern workshop along with standard quality in order to limit the concerns of luxury car owners in the field of mechanics, chassis engineering, painting and so on. Trained technicians of DATIS KHODRO in Europe, along with chassis engineering devices, CO2 and spot welding machines, painting rooms and other equipment of the GLAROZIT color of Germany, reassure you the standard servicing. These are only the small specifications that distinguishes DATIS KHODRO from other automobile servicing centers. This is the only center that presents your whole necessary services for your car from critical repairs to installation of additional options based on manufacturer standards.


The first and most well-equipped hybrid workshop center in Iran

Metropolitans air pollution, high fuel consumption and environmental pollution caused by traffic, let humans to think more about green technologies like hybrid automobiles. Along with the world, Iran’s automobile market faced society welcome to hybrid cars. According to the high technology and modernity of these cars, DATIS KHODRO inaugurated the first professional center of hybrid car repair workshop in order to present the technology and let the ecosystem have any concerns of repairing and after-sale services. DATIS KHODRO opened his professional hybrid car workshop with hybrid automobiles trained experts and has progressed in the field of green vehicles in order to enhance and improve the health and clean ecosystem maintenance.