Japanese TAKUMI motor oil enters into Iran’s auto market

Datis Khodro


Japanese TAKUMI motor oil is now available in the Iranian market.

Highly recommended by the automakers experts, the motor oil has a history of high product development capability and an abundant lineup to meet performance specifications throughout the world. 

Thanks to its high quality, the oil could meet the needs of Europe, United States and what ever the engine of any car manufacturer, including the Korean and Japanese car manufacturers.

Datis Khodro Iranian Co is considered as the first representative of TAKUMI motor oil in Iran, which is highly active in selling the product across the country. 

TAKUMI motor oil sales now to 21 countries including Russia, Kazakhstan, Hong Kong, Cyprus, Maldives, UAE, Bolivia, China, etc. 

The products is ideal for high performance cars and racing use. 

Thanks to its soft viscosity characteristics, the motor oil reduces frictional resistance between the engines moving parts and piston ring contact surface.

They are ideal for hybrid cars or any of the latest Japanese cars which have small piston clearance.

The oil also could be utilized in the car engine before year of manufacture 2003. 

Meanwhile, TAKUMI motor oil can be used in buses and trucks to be equipped with DPF catalyst which is an environmental protection addition in the latest diesel particulate filter collection.